Ash Powis

Personal Trainer


Weight Loss
Homemade Protein Snacks
Exercise to Combat Depression
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Ash's Fitness Experience

I was a late starter to fitness as a whole.

I was the guy who paid for a gym membership, told myself, I will go on this day at this time…

Then went maybe twice for the whole year and kept saying, ‘I’ll go next week…’

Fast forward to my year abroad in Spain, by which point I was over 100kg (I couldn’t even face the scales).

A friend turned round to me and said, ‘Ash, we need to get you help, because we’re scared that you’re gonna eat yourself to death’.

So, with the help of a friend, I went to the gym every morning from then on, joined a Ballroom dance class and quit getting takeaways to lose the weight that would surely had done serious damage in the long run.

I myself worked with a Personal Trainer during my final year at University and he helped to change my life and indeed saved it.

And that’s why I became a Personal Trainer, because I want to help people lose that stubborn and infuriating weight.

However, it was during my brief time in the RAF that I was diagnosed with severe depression, and unfortunately was made worse when I had to leave.

But, I found the best physical way to smash through the mental barrier of negative thinking: all out, hard hitting exercise.

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  • Real-time Activity Tracking
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What's Included?