Lloyd Chambers

Fitness Ambassador


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Lloyd's Fitness Experience

I am a personal development coach, author and speaker. I also am the top leader in a Network Business in Ireland. My biggest passion is in leadership development. I believe with the right leadership, right tools and right vehicle you can achieve anything. I have chosen the Number 1 consumed habit on the planet as a means to improve the health of the world. 80% of the world does it multiple times a day every single day, and never needs to be reminded to do it and has no intention of quitting it.

Why Join My Coaching Programme?

When you decide to join Fitness Is My Life, you will be joining a highly motivated, supportive fitness community with support from our team of expert trainers in our private member's group.

Upgrade your fitness account to one of our premium coaching packages and receive direct support from one of our trainers with personalised online coaching. You will have the opportunity to schedule a 121 online coaching call with your trainer and they will be able to build out your custom training and nutrition plan, personally tailored to the results you want with regular check-ins along the way to keep you on track.

Fitness Is Not A Goal. It Is A Way Of Life.

Fitness Is My Life!